Tips To Relax This Winter

Posted on 04 Nov 2013

Winter is almost upon us which means Christmas is right around the corner and while 'tis the season to be jolly, it can seem totally over the top for such a short space of time. With gas prices on the rise, presents to buy, important events and deadlines at work, the pre-Christmas period certainly can be a stressful time of year but it doesn't have to be. In this post I'll be giving you a few little tips that can help you relax and enjoy this magical time of the year. If you can't make it for a Tantric massage this winter then here a few tips you can try on your own or with a partner.


Aromatherapy is an integral part of creating the ambience of the tantric massage and is a affordable and straightforward stress relieving technique. The massage incorporates the use of distilled and concentrated plant materials called essential oils with different attributes for a variety of purposes. Although there are strong claims for some to have medicinal and antibacterial purposes, the scientific evidence supporting some claims are questionable despite folk law suggesting otherwise. The essential oil I prefer to use and recommend is Lavender oil which has soothing and calming properties. Lemon oil on the other hand can be used to create a feeling of happiness and has been mooted as a possible antidepressant. Other popular essential oils include Peppermint oil and Bergamont oil.

Breathing Exercises

The importance of deep controlled breathing by my clients is integral part of the Tantric massage and can be used to great effect to slow the body and relax the mind. Although I won't be revealing all of my secrets, a popular technique is known as "Equal Breathing" whereby you inhale from through the nose pulling the belly up and counting up 1,2,3,4 (ie four seconds) and then exhale for the count of 4 through the mouth pushing the belly down. When you feel comfortable with this you can extend it to 5, 6,7 or *seconds or even longer, and the balance helps aid to empty the mind and bring you to your inner self. If you want to try something a bit more challenging then you can try what is known as "Guided Visualization". This is the classic technique of focusing your thoughts on your "happy place" whilst breathing deeply and is an even more powerful way of creating feelings of relaxation. It sounds straightforward and with practice, the full potential of these exercises can be achieved.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This technique is a two step process which involves the tensing and relaxing of various muscles in sequence. Whilst maintaining slow deep breaths, start from the right foot, then left, moving up to your right leg then left and so on up through the pelvis, back, right arm, left arm, shoulders, neck and eventually your face. It's important to remain in a relaxed state and not to rush the process taking up to 10 seconds on each particular area. It may take a bit of getting used to and but when you get the hang of it, progressive muscle tensile and release is a very effective way of relaxing the body and mind.

I hope you have found my advice of help and if you have any questions about the techniques please get in touch with me. Whilst the techniques are an aid to relieving tension and stress, they are not as effective as an outcall Tantric massage with me, so why not get in touch to arrange an appointment.