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About What We Do

The Tantric Massage Unique Experience

I am an energetic Tantric massage therapist and professionally trained in traditional massage practices, which enables me to create for you a unique experience when coupled with my therapeutic skills derived from my extensive knowledge and long practice of the art and philosophy of Tantra. My aim is to achieve for you that ultimate head-to-toe experience of total fulfilment to both mind and body through the build-up and then release of sexual arousal and emotion in the ambiance of my tastefully furnished den in Wimbledon South West London.

I pride myself on providing the best possible quality service for my discerning male and female clientele, yet at an affordable price, where every little detail is attended to (whether it be from the skills I deploy, our selection of oils, soaps and fragrances, the discrete lighting and soft music, or the comfort provided by my choice of furnishings and fittings) and every therapeutic desire catered for other than for any requests to engage in sexual activity with the therapist.

The masseuse will focus the energy in your body through the sensual connection of her enchanting body and caring mind using the warmth and caress of her tender hands. She will slowly build-up of your energy from the base of the sacrum so it flows out through your whole being to tingle those sacred spots and heighten the senses from every magical touch and soothing stroke. Your journey may climax either in an orgasmic explosion of male energy or create an aura of contentment and feminine erogenous enhancement which will lead you into an ecstatic state of euphoria followed by a feeling of physical and emotional contentment and tranquillity.

Spiritual Tantric Massage London

Neo Tantra & Your Tantric Massage

Neo Tantra is an ancient-spiritual uninhibited philosophy which originated in India to explore and harness sexual energy and emotion in combination to increase spiritual and physical awareness between the giver and receiver for the enhancement of mutual bodily and mental pleasure through sensual massage in the ambiance of peace and tranquillity. Tantric massage focuses on the sensuality of the mind and relaxation of the body by the control of breath and caress of touch combined with the application of warm aromatic oils to pamper the entire naked body and then by gentle stimulation to the more sensitive areas to evoke and intensify waves of sexual arousal to build-up to a climax and then release of that energy from both mind and body.

The benefits of Swedish massage and the more intensive deep tissue massage, which will require the longer 90 minute session, are in the stimulation of the senses and in the relaxation of the mind by invigorating the body systems and relieving the stress and strain from everyday living through techniques to increase blood circulation and the level of oxygen, to decrease muscle toxins and to ease tensions. A full body massage when integrated into a Tantric Massage gives the added benefit of a much enhanced experience of well-being coupled with the additional Tantric techniques to awaken the most erogenous part of the body towards orgasmic climax from a feeling of having had an intimate connection between the giver and the receiver so that one reaches a state of euphoric completeness.

Before the session begins, I like to start with a short chat to give you the opportunity to discuss any particular inhibitions or problems you are seeking to resolve. Your session will then be tailor made to address such issues and adapted as it progresses to take into account your feelings and emotions.

Your Five Tantric Massage Choices

I have devised four different Tantra-Lising sessions for men and one for ladies:

The Tantra-Lising Topless Massage is our introduction to the joys of tantric therapy whereby you can savour the touch of the soft and firm rhythm of masseuse’s hands as she applies warm oils to pamper the entire body whilst you lie back on the massage couch and gradually your sexual energy will be built up either through the lingam massage to bring you to full body orgasm or yoni massage to achieve erogenous enhancement and to or towards full body climax.

The Tantra-Lising Naturist Experience is more for those clients who would prefer the masseuse to be fully nude at the start of the massage before climbing onto the couch to experience the rhythmic caress of her hands as she gradually intensifies the creation of your sexual energy from these sensual movements before focusing on the lingam massage or yoni massage towards a full body orgasm.

The Tantra-Lising Body to Body Encounter is the favoured tantric experience of our male clientele. The massage starts off on the floor with the masseuse just wearing a tiny G string and she will use her upper body and warm oils to slide over your back and front to enable you to savour the feel not just of her hands but also her entire body. You will then move up onto the couch for the naturist massage and continue with the build up of your sexual energy towards full body orgasm.

The Tantra-Lising Sensual Seduction Sensation is the premier massage for our regular clients and encapsulates all the exoticness of a full body to body encounter with a more erotic and intimate touch and tease to heighten the atmosphere of the session with a more pronounced sexual overlay to the tantric therapy having regarded to the preferences of our returning clients’ profile. For example, some clients like the masseuse to disrobe wearing seductive lingerie at the start of the session.

The lingam massage can be enhanced (depending on the client’s preference and upon request) by the addition of a prostate massage involving a gentle manipulation of the prostate gland.

The Tantra-Lising Feminine Session is for our female clients. This session, by its very nature, has to be bespoke as there are several different ways they wish to be massaged with particular reference to their preferences for the more intimate touch of the yoni massage, which I will discuss with you beforehand.

The Three “C”s – Cost, Contact & Conduct

These Tantra-Lising Experiences are provided for you at my location in the Wimbledon area London SW and also at your London hotel (Central or West London only) and is for the male or female discerning client (over the age of 21) who is willing to place their time and trust in my hand to enable me to tailor your tantric massage and address any issues you may have that inhibit your physical or sexual well-being that can be addressed by massage only.

I charge a range of prices depending on the Tantric Massage of your choice, duration of each session (cash only payable to me on arrival) and location (in-call or out-call). Check the booking page for more details. To contact me, please send an e-mail with a contact telephone number or telephone me (and if we cannot answer please leave a message and your number and I will call you back as soon as possible) on 07731 550 313.
Please note I neither answer nor respond to withheld numbers.

For “in-calls”, my working hours begin with first appointments starting at 12pm and end with the last appointments finishing by 9 pm and I am available from Monday to Friday only (excluding public holidays) and to avoid disappointment, please try to book well in advance, particularly for busy times such as lunchtime and early evening.

For “out-calls” my working hours are from 10am start to 10pm finish and subject to my availability, I will need at least 2 hours prior notice for weekday appointments, depending on my proximity to your London hotel or residence, though it would be preferable to book the day before if possible, particularly for the following morning session. I will require not less than 24 hours prior notice for Saturday appointments again subject to availability.

Cleanliness and comfort is very important, and therefore prior to the session in your London hotel or apartment you should take a warm shower or bath and then relax in your room having set the room thermostat to 22 degrees to create the right ambiance for your Tantric massage experience.

Proper conduct to each other during your Tantric massage session (‘in-call’ and ‘out-call’) is also paramount. I will fully respect your privacy and act in a discreet manner whilst handling your booking, welcoming you to my location or visiting you at your hotel or apartment. Likewise, I would ask you to treat me with courtesy and respect by neither attempting to touch me in an inappropriate way nor proposing any sexual or BDSM services otherwise I will have no alternative but to terminate the session.