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Tantric Massage In South West London

Sensational and Luxurious Tantric Massages by Dana. Highly trained and professionally qualified stunning masseuse providing her services in South West of London or at your central London hotel. She is able to provide massage services in the Wimbledon area.

Welcome to Tantra-lising, a sensual therapy for both men and women, where your whole body will be tantralised by the mysteries of a full body Tantric Massage.
My name is Dana and I am qualified and experienced Therapeutic masseuse specialising in Tantric massage therapy for both sexes to tantralise your sensory system by taking the time and trouble to slowly relax your mind and release all your muscular tension so that I can then gradually stimulate you to a sensual climax.
I am warm loving person who really cares about giving the best possible Tantra-Lising experiences to discerning clients and my Tantric massages can be varied to suit particular
preferences (though to avoid any misunderstanding this is not a sexual service and any requests for any form of sexual activity will be declined).
So if you are interested in experiencing a genuine Tantric Massage London today either in the fully fitted place or in your room at your hotel zone 1, please call me on 07731550313. Please note I neither answer nor respond to withheld numbers.

Incall/Outcall Sensual Body To Body Massage London

Whether you are male or female, the Tantra-Lising experience you will have with me can either be “topless” or “naturist” or “body to body” whereby you lie back to savour the warmth of my touch over your entire body as I explore, enhance and express the sexual energy that lies within all of us to create that wonderful feeling of relaxation and stimulation.

Before or at the start the massage of your choice, it is desirable for you to shower. My Luxury Tantric massage involves the whole body from top to toe and includes the head, hands and feet as well as the erogenous zones (for men the lingam massage with, if you so wish, a prostate massage or for women the yoni massage).

Throughout the session you will experience the controlled build-up of your sexual energy to reach a climatic conclusion to create wonderful sensations to give you both lasting pleasure and deep satisfaction.

Tantric Massage in Wimbledon

I am now providing Tantric massage in Wimbledon. Located in the beautiful southwest London area which is full of life and well known for its tennis tournaments and charming village. It's very easy to get there and parking space is available. Please note, I operate by advanced booking only.


Lingam Massage

The lingam massage for men involves the massage by hand of the genitalia and perineum by a series of complex stroking motions and caressful touches to gradually stimulate your erection by slow build-up and careful control to prolong and maximise the intensity of your full body orgasm with the ultimate goal of a powerful ejaculation coupled with the release of your sexual energy to create a long lasting feeling of true satisfaction.

The yoni massage for women is different for whilst it involves the massage by hand of the gentalia including the Mound of Venus and likewise by a series of complex stroking motions and caressful touches to gradually stimulate your erogenous zones, its primary goal is to achieve a feeling of total relaxation and contentment followed by the build-up sexual energy to approach and possibly achieve orgasm and maybe as the trust builds up between us to enable you to let go your inhibitions gain full body orgasm again to create a long lasting feeling of true satisfaction.

Visit Me In Wimbledon

Business travels can be very exhausting and stressful, and in London there are many ways to help with that but the most effective is having a Tantric massage with a body to body touch. Tantric massage is a unique experience to make the most of your stay in Baker Street London. I also highly recommend my professional Tantric body to body massage to help bring your body and mind into perfect balance.

Incall / Outcall Exotic Massage London

If you are stressed and feel the benefits of a sensual massage would help you unwind, then you can enjoy the calm and stress free environment of my Tantric Massage. Whether you are resident in London or just visiting on a business trip, why not make your leisure time even more relaxing by having my incall sensual massage in Wimbledon or at your hotel in Central London. For those clients that have previously visited me before, it may be possible to visit you at your Central London or West End apartment. Furthermore if you are a visitor to London and are hesitant speaking English, then I can help put you at ease as I also speak French and Spanish fluently.

To make an appointment for you to visit me at my location in Wimbledon South West London or for me to visit you at your hotel in Central & West End London. Please note, I operate by advanced booking only.