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  • Eldridge

I have seen Dana three times now. Each experience has been slightly different, but all three have been fantastic, which goes to show that Dana keeps her sessions spontaneous and interesting. Dana herself is beautiful, seductive, and extremely sexy. She takes complete control of you from the start of the session. If you just go with the flow, you're guaranteed to have an incredible time.

  • Andy

A combination of luck, a moment of spontaneity, and a pleasant conversation is all that explains me making a booking with Dana, something I would never normally consider. The result was simply life changing. For 20 years I have thought of myself as someone that had total control over my body. For the first time, I felt what it was like to have no control whatsoever and to, instead, be at the mercy of the expert hands of Dana, with unbelievably explosive results. In the space of 60 minutes, Dana taught me more about my body than I or any partner had been able to figure out in the previous 20 years. The hands of a Goddess.

  • Micheal

She entranced me
Her eyes
Her lips
Her golden hair
Her smooth skin
Her charm
Her care
Her exquisite touch
Her control
Just relax
She knows best

  • Alan

Dana, you are a such Beautiful woman - In every way! xxx

  • Phil

I must thank Michelle for a truly wonderful and sensuous session – from the fantastic location, the lovely environment with candles and soft music and of course the session itself. Michelle is such a lovely person, gentle and caring and so much more. Everything was just as I would have wished and more besides. I am so looking forward to meeting again.

  • Martin
Dana you are by far the most sensual, sexiest and talented woman/masseuse I've ever met in my life!!! I can't wait to see you again soon.
  • John
Dear Dana it was a pleasure to meet you! Thanks again for seeing me at such short notice. I am fascinated by the occult and I hope you were not too tired listening! You are delightful and irresistibly pretty and so bright! I am pleased I took my chance today :) and hope I can see you again.
  • Timothy
Massage? Well you have been looking in the wrong places if you’ve have never been with Dana. Hands, touch, smile and looks that any goddess will envy! To experience a massage with Dana is a must for anyone! Time seems to stop the minute you enter the door and yet it seems to fly when next to her! If I could that’s where you would find me daily, oh the memories... Difficult to write a review as words don’t make up for the out of body experience! Even harder write to encourage more visits, if you know what I mean, how to share a diamond?
  • Ben
Dana is a beautiful person inside and out! She has an understanding of massage and relaxation that takesthe overall feeling of spiritual and physical wellbeing onto a higher level that is hard to find... I left feeling completely connected and relaxed!
  • Manuel
Writing a review for Dana is a bit of a double edged sword as I’d like to keep her all to myself, as she does offer an amazing, relaxing massage service. Her professional space is very neat and clean with shower facilities available. She is an alluring blonde lady with a sensual figure and delicious aroma. Her touch is very delicate and intoxicating and if I had the resources I’d see her every week. She makes you feel special and her attention is purely focused on your satisfaction. Dana is not a clock watcher and doesn’t use cheap oils. I’ve seen her a few times now and each time has been better and each session is different. She is a real lady and should be treated as such, and if she is, she will definitely not disappoint. I can’t recommend her highly enough, and look forward to seeing her again very soon.
  • Mike
Amy, thank you for a truly wonderful session. I really enjoyed every second and am looking forward to next time!
  • Phil
Having thoroughly enjoyed a 4-hands session with Dana and Amy on Amy’s very first day I promised myself I’d return for a session with Amy. I am so glad I did! I opted for the full-priced Ultra session. Amy was absolutely fantastic from start to finish, the whole session was out of this world and I left very happy indeed. I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you Amy!!
  • Tim
Wow. That is the best way to describe my time with Lucy. She really is amazing. This was the second time I have had the pleasure of having a massage from her. She has an incredible body and is friendly, warm and very sensual. Lucy is very skilled at her art, and made me feel very alive. I very much hope to see her again soon.
  • Tim
If you want a real authentic tantric massage, then I highly recommend Tantra-Lising. Dana is an amazing beautiful person who clearly understands her art. She seems to understand what you want or need without you having to say anything. A true therapist in so many ways. I have also had the delight to have a session with Lucy who again is absolutely incredible and has a great body. The studio was very upmarket, with really nice shower facilities.
  • Paul
Earlier today I had the most wonderful B2B massage from Dana who is such a caring, beautiful woman. The massage studio was lovely and communication before hand was polite and professional. The massage itself was everything I hoped it would be, deeply therapeutic, intimate and sensual. Thank you Dana I look forward to next time.
  • Andy
Thank you Lucy for a perfect hour this morning. Delightful and a pleasure to meet you. I will be booking to see you again. All the very best. Andy.
  • Andrew
Thanks, Dana and Sara, for a marvellous four-handed massage. Artistic, conversational, cultural, and of course sensual. A massage fit for a King.
  • Michael
I recently had the pleasure of a 4 handed massage with Dana and Sara. Dana was her usual beautiful and creative self knowing just how and when to stimulate and touch. She has extraordinary intuition. Sara is new and divine also and there is no escape from her lingham massage as you are in perfect hands. The combination of both of them? What can I say. Find out for yourself...
  • Simon
Thank you Lucy for a wonderful massage this evening. Will be back soon.
  • Joshua
It's my first time at Tantra-lising and I have to say, I'm very glad that I found this place. I booked a body to body session and was amazed by the quality of the service. I enjoyed every single minute. Thank you Dana.
  • Peter
Thank you, thank you, Dana and Mia, for your wonderful four handed massage. Beauty, tenderness, laughter, eroticism, release and repose. What more could a man ask for? It was worth every penny.
  • Steven
Dana is a beautiful person on many levels. Her massage is gentle, caring and takes you to a different level. It was an exhilirating and pleasurable new experience.
  • Leon
I have always enjoyed sessions at Tantra-Lising. You get a warm greeting, and the apartment is laid out in a classy way that aligns to the tantra massage. Dana is a beautiful professional. Today I opted for a B2B massage with Lucie - WOW. She is absolutely stunning. I wasn't sure about B2B, I like my sessions to be about me getting treated well and no effort, but the B2B with Lucie was amazing. she was constantly teasing me, keeping me excited, and Lucie made sure I finished a very happy client. I look forward to my next visit, and can highly recommend Tantra-Lising to anyone looking for a high-class, professional, experience.
  • Liam
Just experienced a Seductive hour with Dana. It was everything I hoped for and more. It’s very different to the body to body but I found it to be a deeper experience, not just a physical one. Dana is beautiful in both body and soul. Skilled in bringing you to the edge and if you surrender to the rhythm she can hold you there for some time. I’m already looking at my diary for when I can return and experience the ‘Ultra’.
  • Ian
Just had a blissful hour with Elise. Very attractive with a beautiful body and a wonderful technique. I will return. Thanks Elise. X
  • Dannish
Had a wonderful massage with Zoe last week, she was awesome, her massage was so sensual and she is sooooo beautiful , can't wait to go back for another session
  • Shiva
My first session with Dana was everything I'd hoped it would be - in short, wonderful. Dana is a beautiful woman in every sense. She made me feel welcome and safe in her clean, inviting studio. She took on board the things that mattered to me. And she was a wizard with her hands. Her assured touch had me totally relaxed and gave me electric pleasure throughout, building to such an exquisite high. My body really feels the benefits. Tantric massage is a totally worthwhile thing for the body and spirit, and I would absolutely recommend placing yourself in Dana's hands.
  • Gareth
Have not seen Zoe for a while but had 1 hour with her last week. Studio is discreet, quiet and luxurious and her smile lit up the whole place as she greeted me at the door. Zoe is a beautiful and articilate blonde who skilfully and sensually massaged me from head to toe with her body, hands and fingers. A fantastic experience which was over far too soon. Bellissima
  • Paddy
Oh wow. What an incredible experience. This is the real deal. The best massage. The gorgeous Dana and Bella. The warmth. The cleanliness. The beautiful apartment. The care taken for you. I cannot wait to be back.
  • Matthew
Dana the session was lovely and can't wait to come back!
  • Mike
I had a wonderful time with Dana last Thursday. It was my first time visiting and it won't be my last! Dana is an exceptional tantric masseuse who put me at ease from the moment I arrived. The massage itself was fantastic; full of passion and pleasure and more than lived up to my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dana or Tantralising to anyone in search of a first class tantric massage from an expert.
  • Oliver
I have visited twice now, seeing Zoe and then Dana. As a first time receiver of a tantric massage I was immediatly put at ease by the ladies who were welcoming and could hold an intelligent conversation. The massage was amazing and really opened my eyes to the power of tantra in a sensual and non sleazy way....I would highly reccomend you try it. Thanks!
  • Gary
Had a massage with Dana last week and all i can say is that it was a fabulous experience. Her hands are like silk and you are swept away in an hour where you could be dreaming!! Loved it..thanks Dana and look forward to coming back very soon x Gary
  • The King
My very first four handed massage. A scrumptious hour in the silky hands of Dana and Zoe, two of the most gorgeous, sensual and warm tantralising individuals you will meet. I felt like a king as I was pampered. I had absolute trust and was so excited. Such fun. I want to return as soon as I can.
  • Lee Stafford
As a professional in the beauty trade, I have experienced many different types of massage before. I am also trained in a number of techniques. So when a respected hair client of mine recommended Tantralising I was immediately curious to try for myself. As a busy business owner and father, finding a bit of me-time is nigh on impossible. But I managed to squeeze an hour into my day this week to visit Elise. And I'm so glad I did. Elise is an excellent masseuse. I'll be booking her every week from now on. Thanks again, Elise. See you soon. Lee
  • jon
Had a sublime session with Zoe last month. She was perfect in every respect. She took me to the brink and back so many times, my body was tingling all over, the energy was breathtaking. After working on me to the point of release then easing off, the resulting final explosion was sheer ecstasy. My body shuddered with pleasure. Throughout the session Zoe was utterly charming, and I loved the big hug I got at the end.
  • Miss P
It was my first experience with tantric massage and I was a bit nervous. Dana was so friendly that I had no doubt in her massage at all. Wow! what an experience but I was curious to explore more and booked Leeyan for my next session. Leeyan had a great skill in awakening my inner self which I didn't know existed! A great stress relief and a great massage which made 90 mins. too short! This is a place with friendly atmosphere where you feel much at ease. Will return on my next trip.
  • Jon
I had a sublime 4 handed massage from Dana and Zoe last week. It was an hour of pure bliss that I shall remember for along time. They quickly brought me to new erotic heights, and tantalisingly, and, kept taking me to the brink and back before the final release. Being held in such erotic suspension for such along time left my whole body tingling for quite a few days. I thoroughly recommend Dana and Zoe. incidentally, I had a body to body massage from Iris the other day and she is equally amazing. A huge thank to Dana and her wonderful team. needless to say I will return as soon as I can.
  • Elisabeth
Leeyan - Thank you so much for your amazing service and kindness; you were absolutely wonderful and I feel epic!
  • Andy
I've had two wonderful sessions with Dana over the last few weeks and have another booked. The first was an hour's 4-hand massage - extremely erotic yet also so relaxing. Empty your mind and let the girls work their magic to focus all your energy on one thing. More recently I booked a special 1:1 session with Dana for whom I have great respect as a tantric masseuse and is such a lovely bubbly person. No stress, no awkwardness, just mutual respect and enjoyment. Andy.
  • John
To have such a delicious experience of not one but two -is something that is to be highly recommended. Without doubt the most rich and rewarding 90minutes I have had in a number of years.
  • Martin
Maya - wow - that was a very memorable hour - thank you so much - you are beautiful.
  • Andy M
There is something very indulgent in being pampered by two beautiful women who both so obviously take pleasure from giving pleasure. The experience is wonderful, both erotic and spiritual which is the very essence of Tantric massage expertly practiced. You give yourself over to it, and in return Dana and Maya will give of their skills and will delight in your arousal and pleasure. I am a bit of an aficionado of tantric massage, and have known Dana for some years. She is one of the best and takes tantric massage to a new level for me. She is also a lovely, beautiful person. Maya, I had not met before – she has only recently joined Dana’s studio. Petite, equally stunning, with beautiful olive skin and the most delicate touch. Two gorgeous and complimentary girls. The fact that I managed to hold on for an hour was purely down to their tantric skills. I will return as soon as I have recovered!
  • Patrick
Dana is not only charming and attractive she is also very passionate and skilled. Her high standard Tantric massage service and studio are simply amazing.
Thank you Dana. Will return soon.
  • jon
My massage with Dana was fabulous. Throughout the session she was charming and sensuous, and her professional and gentle manner helped me relax. Dana has a wonderful figure and expert hands that made me want to return very soon. The flat is spotless with excellent facilities. Thank you Dana for a highly erotic time.
  • Wilson
Last week I booked the extended seductive session with Dana and it completely lived up to the advance billing. This isn't my first visit to Dana, but she manages to be surprising and different every time. Once you've paid a first visit, it's easy to see why Dana is so popular. In short, you get a fabulous tantric massage in luxurious surroundings from a beautiful lady with a perfectly judged commitment to you as the center of attention. As well as the lovely blonde appearance, she is a genuine and enchanting character. What you see in the photos is exactly what you get, but her intelligence and care shine through too. Dana delivers it all to perfection. When she first peers round the door (there's none of this standing behind nonsense) you know you're in for a treat.
  • Daniel
I finally managed to book an appointment with Dana and I was not disappointed. Absolutely charming, beautiful and incredibly gifted at tantric massage, Dana melted away all of the day's stresses with an attentive and deeply sensual massage that left me smiling a day later. I've never used another service and won't be looking anywhere anytime soon. The apartment is impeccably clean, discreetly tucked away between baker st and marble arch and the rooms are elegantly decorated. I simply can't recommend Dana enough.
  • Colin
For Maya, what a dream and what a pleasure. Her greeting warm, her smile enchanting and her physical appearance simply stunning. A toned and tanned figure with a hint of a tan line, her massage was in my top three all time best. Her touch leaves your skin tingling, your mind racing and your loins longing. This girl has skills and she knows exactly how to use them. She needs no feedback as her skills will become legend I can't wait for my next visit. 100% recommended.
  • James
A flawless and discreet service from start to finish in an ultra-clean mode
apartment with a fantastic shower. Ambient atmosphere and the best tantric massage I have ever had. Need I say more? Just trying to stop myself from visiting twice in the same week!
  • Bareen
I have had several treatments recently with Dana and they were unforgettable. She is someone who takes pride in her job and likes to be at one with the nature and world around her. She is absolutely fantastic.Looking forward to 2016!!!
  • Louie
Yesterday I had the most amazing 90 minutes with Maya, the massage was incredible and I cannot say enough about how friendly and beautiful Maya is, from the very start I knew I was in the right place and I most certainly will return!
  • NelD
Wow. Had the precious gift of a 4 hands massage with Dana and Zoe. Dana is one of the most in tune, beautiful creatures one can come across. It does not, and cannot, get better than this. I'm going back in two days, and am not sure how I'll make it through tomorrow.
  • Luke
Each time I visit Dana I'm impressed at the understanding of the client comes first. The atmosphere and surroundings lend themselves to a first class experience but the team exceed this expectation with their knowledge and sensitivity.
  • George
Met with Zoe again last week. She is a beautiful blonde beauty and her dazling smile lit up a dull afternoon. I was soon sinking into the massage table as her skilful hands massaged my body. Too soon it was over but I felt relaxed and walking on air. I cannot wait till next time. Thank you Zoe
  • Ashley
First time with Maya for the seductive b2b and she was a sensation. She is beautiful, petite with long flowing dark hair and a stunning figure plus there is a very friendly approachable manner, adorable face, warmest of smiles and oh-so-cute overseas accent. The highlight is her playful character with lots of twinkling eye contact, mischief, and joie de vivre. She moves with a mix of allure, zest and such fun and enjoyment on top of her tenderness and skill in massage. She told me she loves the work and the environment and it shows in her commitment to giving the client such an excellent time. That's Maya, a lovely delicate perfectly-formed treat.
  • D.L
What sets this establishment apart is the genuine service that you receive. Maya is a very talented therapist with a great personality, and you get a professional tantric experience in a clean and luxurious environment. You really feel as if you are being treated like a king, which makes a pleasant change from various other London agencies who employ inexperienced and lazy masseuses. Excellent work Dana, keep up the good work.
  • Dr Daniel
I have just had the incredible experience of the ultra seductive body to body massage with Dana. I could not recommend it more highly. The room and shower are luxurious and Dana is one of the loveliest people you are ever going to meet. Her treatment is truly mind blowing. I can't wait to return.
  • Richard
I have just had a wonderful session with Dana. She has magical hands, a fantastic figure and a genuine talent to creating a magical Tantric experience Care and consideration, charisma and charm, comfort and cleanliness describe her philosophy, her personality and the ambiance of her apartment. I have tried many different studios in London which claim so much but offer so little but with Dana you get the opposite and may be rather than extolling her virtues I should be trying to keep her for myself but she is just to good not to praise her with feedback.
  • Mark
I am a regular customer of Dana and my weekly visit is a vital time of calm in my life. It takes me out of my day to day worries, puts me fully in touch with all my senses and I can fully relax. I can trust Dana to know exactly what to do. She has intuition to listen to my body and give it exactly what it needs.
  • Ken
Had an hour with Zoe it was just amazing She has the touch of a butterfly she gives a gentle, sensual, expertly performed massage, a totally relaxing experience in a tranquil and spotlessly clean environment. Best London experience in years.
  • Liam
Sensational time with the lovely blonde Zoe who based on this experience delivers a wonderfully caring yet fantastically accomplished massage. Knows just what she is doing, yet all the time, eager to please and take real care of you. Fun to be with and no clock-watching just a complete focus on the moment. Highest recommendation from me.
  • Alan
I have been seeing Dana regularly for over 2 years now. She "walks the line" between the sensual and the erotic like no other tantric masseuse I have ever met. She is both a brilliant masseuse and a warm and vibrant human being!
  • W.B.Y.
I am one of Dana's growing regulars/fans; have been since she went out as an independent. Just taken a full 2 hour booking and it was so worth it. The reasons I keep going back are covered by the reviews from people below: Dana is a very classy blonde, with very striking looks - the photos are indeed untouched - , caring, really friendly, smiley, an expert tantric masseuse, and working from a clean, stylish apartment. Her attention to detail and the excellent comms are also where she does well. She speaks a few languages, and more or less perfect English with an alluring Euro-accent. Overall, she really comes over as devoted to her clients and her art. The London tantric market has many talented practitioners so can't be too definitive about it but she has to be there right at the top.
  • John
I would recommend Dana and Zoe's four hands massage to anyone. I had a wonderful hour in perfect company and surroundings. My only regret was not booking longer!
  • Marc
A four hand massage with Dana and Zoe is a most exhilarating, exciting, relaxing and intense experience. The tantric touch is so real and so deep as you feel four hands touching you on every part of your skin you will be transitioned into unique relaxation. Dana and Zoe are an amazing pair together. They are fun but professional. I have been with Dana for numerous massages but this is my first four hand massage. I am booked to return.
If you appreciate tantra and true tantric massage, this four hand massage is a must! I fully recommend without any hesitation a four hand massage with Dana and Zoe to enrich your life and tantra experience!
  • Granville
Tried the 4-hand with Dana and Zoe - a delightful experience with two beautiful ladies who worked in perfect harmony. I suspect that working together like this is a lot harder than it looks, but Dana and Zoe had an instinctive rapport and the result was an amazing, tranquil, blissful hour - an incredible experience, very high on the Wow! factor. And if you're nervous or unsure, they'll really look after you. To be recommended? You bet!
  • Ian
Ever relaxing, often invigorating. Great care and attention keeps me returning. Ian
  • Gary
Dana and Zoe are beautiful,articulate,warm blonde ladies - just like their pictures. I had an hour's tantric with Zoe. Her massage soon had sinking into the table and mind and body floating away. All too soon the session was over and I left there walking on air. Flat is spotless and very discreet - just the place to relax. Bellisima x
  • Rob
The four handed massage last week was so beautiful and totally absorbing and de stressing. You are not sure where the next stroke is coming from which makes the time a complete switch off from day to day - something we rarely have the luxury of experiencing. Treat yourself to this for a healing and full experience...you won't find anything better.
  • Bob
As a newcomer to tantric massage I can only say it was an amazing experience. The apartment is really clean and beautifully presented. Dana is warm, friendly and extremely welcoming. I felt at ease immediately and everything was really lovely. The entire hour and a half was amazing.
  • Joe
Zoe, thank you so much for this morning. It was incredible!!! I feel on top of the world now!!!
Joe x
  • Merv
The girl is a dream as is the whole experience. She is stunning on the eye (petite shapely blonde if that is what you like), emotionally intelligent, brilliant skills and tantric technique (but not hippy), eager to give superb customer service, and the flat is immaculate. Photos are exact, not PSd. Captivating, charming, the whole thing; can't fault anything.
  • Ed
Dana's massage is the best I have ever experienced in London. Her apartment is clean and stylish, she is stunning and charming and her massage is truly mind blowing: subtle, responsive and wildly sensual. She is something else and far and away the most exciting hour and half I have spent on a massage bed.