The Magic Of Touch

Posted on 18 Nov 2013

The magic touch of Tantric massage

The world we live in is dominated by our senses; what we see and what we hear creates the multi-dimensional image around us. Walking down the high street we hear the sounds of people talking and smell the fresh food being cooked in the markets. Believe it or not, our senses are ever adapting to suit the environment in which we live with the consequence that some senses grow stronger as demand increases whilst other senses become redundant as they become surplus to requirement. One sense that is greatly following this trend is touch, and its importance in daily life. For centuries people have used touch to communicate with each other and create feelings of pain, warmth, security and immense pleasure. We haven't lost this ability, but we are losing it!

Looking back to previous civilisations and comparing it to our own, you can look at what was truly important to those people. We are living in an age dominated by sight and hearing, which is why the entertainment industry is the largest business in the world. This was not always the case. For centuries people have understood that the true meaning of happiness comes from the energy that we have inside all of us, which can be emphasised, minimised and even transmitted, as long as you know the secrets of how to do it. It is no surprises then that massages, spiritual rituals and exercise routines were heavily associated around the feel of touch and the transmission of energy between two people, and in some cases, spiritual energy from Mother Earth or from God.

This ability to transmit energy between people has not been lost somewhere in time gone by. All it takes is a relaxed open-minded person and a skilled masseur/masseuse who knows what he/she is doing. I have spent many years researching and practising various techniques in an attempt to understand how they work and to use them in my massage. Many people are quite sceptical about the benefits of Tantric massage to transmit such energy despite such knowledge dating back to ancient times and I believe it is incredibly naive and narrow minded of people to simply dismiss such practices on the grounds that such concepts do not fit with their perception of how the universe and nature works.

Modern medicine is finally beginning to accept the health benefits of massage and incorporating them in the treatment of many different recovery processes. I personally think it's an outrage it has taken this long, and you will still find people who refuse to believe its health benefits. Why I ask, just because it doesn't come in pill form why can't it be good for you? I have given a lot of massages over the years and I have seen the positive impact it has on peoples' life. From improving physical ailments, to improving sensitive psychological issues and yes I'll say it, improving peoples' sexual ability. Should I be embarrassed about this? Hell no! The amount of people that feel insecure about their sexual problems and do not seek advice or help would really surprise you, yet I have experience of drastically improving and even irradiating such personal issues as premature ejaculation and sexual naivety. I for one will not feel embarrassed for helping people to enjoy to their sex life again.

If you would like any information about any of the issues I have raised in this article please get in touch either through my site or directly by phone and I will be happy to provide you with more information about me or any of the service that I offer. Isn't it about time you took the time to improve your life.