Scientific Research On Massage

Posted on 24 Oct 2013

Today I will be looking at the official scientific evidence that backs up the evident benefits of Tantric massage, whether that be for sexual, religious, physical or psychological purposes. The only thing that is evident, no matter what its intended purpose, massages should be a part of our daily lives, and I am sure that world would be a much better place if it became the norm for the proof is right there in front of us.

Deep tissue massages are often used as a remedy for muscular pain in particular in the back and/or shoulders, although they are often advised proscribed after injury. The healing powers of massage are much more effective when used as a prevention method as the techniques helps improve muscle fibre by making them much less prone to tear and strain. In fact it's generally considered fact that massage is much more effective than any form medication, rest and even exercise to treat damaged tissue. It has been found that not only is massage effective in the short term, but the benefits continued well after treatment had stopped, and showed signs of significant improvement to muscle functional. For more information on the incredible study, follow this link.

Here is a scientific study that explores the mantra that massage can actually help prevent you from getting sick. This breakthrough discovery was published in the journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine by leading scientists in their respective field. Researchers took blood samples from participants before and after they were give a Swedish massage and found that they experienced significant improvement in the blood composition. We are finally beginning to recognise the health benefits of massage and yet are only on the tip of the iceberg as more research is carried out.

Of course there are very few, if any, scientific studies investigating the sexual benefits of Tantric massage given its intimate nature between therapist and recipient, however from my own client base and feedback, it is self evident of its success. By making you feel more confident with yourself and your sexuality, my Tantric massage can dramatically increase your sexual libido and ability to reach full body orgasm. It also helps your awareness of your sexual energy and how you can enhance or subdue your natural urges which leads to much improved sex life. For any more details about me or my visiting Tantric massage in London, visit my website or call me now.