Similarities Between Yoga And Tantric Massage

Posted on 08 Jun 2015

Similarities Between Yoga and Tantric massage

In my previous article I focused on the importance of breathing and I was intrigued to read an article in the Daily Telegraph entitled "So Can Yoga Really Give You an Orgasm?". Apparently besides improving your flexibility, this ancient practice has another rather unexpected benefit, the "yogasm" there on your yoga mat. How is this so? Whilst it is well known that practicing yoga strengthens your pelvic floor muscles which in turn can enhance your sexual pleasure, the combination of the Lotus position (sitting in the cross legged asana meditative pose) with Paranayma (the deep breathing technique involving rapid pumping breaths) can bring about an orgasmic effect which can be quite intense. The trick is to work with both your pelvic floor and breath to achieve a much more overall experience than just a genital orgasm from stimulation. As I have explained before, the orgasm is an energy creation and release event and is holistic as much as physical getting both mind and body into harmony. The body is naturally primed to climax to release sexual tension, and it is only social conditioning and self control that inhibits spontaneity. This therefore may come as a surprise to my male readers that perhaps their female partners going to their yoga class get a little more thrills than just exercise.

There are a number of similarities between yoga and tantra, not only in breath control but also in the holistic philosophy of both disciplines, which is not surprising given their Indian origins and focus on the spiritual overlay over one's physical aspirations in the deployment of sacred energy that is so much part of self-being.

Tantra places emphasis on the jettisoning of inhibitions and the savour of the naturist environment to create the aura to be at one with ourselves and those that we are with.

Yoga, it seems, has yet to adopt this naturist philosophy, yet there have been an embryonic start in New York with "yoganu" which provides a heterosexual outlet for those wanting to practise their yoga naked (rather than just in the more clandestine opportunities in male only clubs for men of a different sexual persuasion). As far as I know, there is only one yoga teacher offering such heterosexual classes in London, (subject to pre-booking), with a goal of 50/50 men and women in each session.

I am a great advocate of freedom of choice and I think society's puerile attitude to condemnation of expressing oneself discretely in an appropriate naturist environment is a retrograde attitude. Now I am not advocating opportunities for voyeurism or inappropriate sexual conduct but the creation of the human body is unsurpassed in the natural world and whether it be on the yoga exercise mat or the Tantric massage table, we should all seek the uninhibited build up and release of the energy within ourselves whether it be for a "yogasm" or "tantrasm".