Difference Between Sensual Massage And Tantric Massage

Posted on 07 Aug 2015

difference between Sensual and Tantric massage

I've been asked this question many times lately what is the difference between Sensual and Tantric massage, so it is opportune to share my thoughts and clarify the subject.

Sensual massage involves any basic massage with a hand relief, as it has no distinctive ethos requiring little by way of skills or training, which is the reason why you can get it in London quite cheaply because anyone can do it. Its rather like bike maintenance - first you give the tyre a good feel to ascertain how soft it is followed by a couple of powerful squeezes to see how much pressure is required before you vigorously pump it up, though preferably not in the case of the bike tyre until it goes bang!

Tantric massage is a progressive massage incorporating techniques used in a proper Swedish and holistic massage to make your body and mind fully relaxed and receptive by soothing and pampering the musculature coupled with slow gentle rhythmic breathing prior to the caressful stimulation to enhance blood flow and quickening of the breath during the later part of the session for the controlled build up and release of sexual energy. You should pass through several waves of troughs of relaxation and peaks of excitement, with increasing intensity to crescendo followed by slow release involving all your senses. At the end of the session you should feel totally euphoric.

A Tantric massage is not a practice anyone can do and done properly requires trained therapists who not only understand the physiology of the body and psychology of the mind but also have developed a qualitative touch through their extensive knowledge and many years of experience as well as being instinctively intuitive, compassionate and patient.

Why is this type of massage termed a Tantric massage

The Tantric massage combines the spirituality of the Tantra philosophy and the physicality of the Swedish massage. It has its holistic roots in gaining calmness of mind through controlled breathing techniques for oxygenation of the blood circulation and stimulation of the nervous system for enhanced physical sensitivity. At the beginning of the session we invite you to focus on breathing in slowly and deeply through your noise and breath out through your mouth through the whole session. Focus on your breath control will move you towards a meditative state so that everyday thoughts disappear taking with them all the built up the stresses and strains of daily life. The goal is to achieve the true connection with yourself as you experience what is happening in both mind and body as we take you on your Tantric journey.

Everyone is different which is why when it comes to the professional Tantric massage compared with the amateur sensual massage, the skilled practitioner will always give you the opportunity to express your concerns and ask any question you may have, because the more we get to know you better, the more we will be able to create the Tantra-Lising experience that is uniquely suited to your particular needs. If, then you leave our studio with the feeling of complete satisfaction, then we in turn are left with a mutual feeling of a job well done, which is our ambition at "Tantra-Lising" for each and every customer.