Breathe Deeply Spring Is In The Air

Posted on 04 May 2015

Spring is in the Air

The Breath of Life is the awakening of ones natural state of being in this hectic environment in which we live in order to set aside the stress and strains of daily life and goes hand in hand with Springtime which is the time of rebirth, renewal, resurrection, regrowth and rejuvenation and thus an important time to rediscover ones inner self.

The Tantric philosophy is very much part of the process of being at one with ones spiritual emotions and physical desires which are often enhanced at this time of year and in particular by breathing new life into ones body and soul.

I like to begin each session with breath control in order for my clients to develop a state of tranquillity, so that once of course that they have got over their initial excitement of seeing me divested of my little black dress, I like them to start to relax with long deep breathing.

Breathing control in meditation and massage is a discipline with ancient origins. In Sanskri, it is "Pranayama" meaning the "extension of the breath" from the words "prana" the life force or vital energy and "ayama" to extend or draw out and very much part of Tantra teaching.

Long Deep Breathing is the slow filling of the lungs by drawing down the air through the nostrils into the chest and downwards to the lower abdominal area where most of the blood circulates, holding the breath and then contracting the diaphragm to expel the stale air. The oxygenation of the blood enhances the flow of energy to create the feeling of "prana" with the relaxation of the musculature system and enhancement of the sensory system of the body.

The Breath of Fire can be developed as one moves from a state of relaxation to a state of excitement. This involves the rhythmic pumping of breath in and out of the lungs with gradual increase of speed but without creating tension to the rib cage or associated muscles. This causes the nervous system to change by making the glands in the body to secrete and purify the blood and charging the nerve plexuses and glandular centres. The body will then start to feel magnetically, electrically and ethereally charged with clear mind and radiant body, so when combined with the caressful strokes of the Tantric massage, it should bring one to a state of euphoria.

"Kundalini" which comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "the coiled one" is the primal energy at the base of the spine which the practice of neo-tantra seeks to awaken and activate by breath control and massage stimulation so that it rises up the spine to the brain creating stronger and stronger feelings of sexual awareness before reversing downwards to seek release through the genitalia, so it is very important to relax and surrender completely to these feelings. During this process there will be a slow increase in the delta and theta waves in the brain and the stronger these waves are the greater the build up of orgasmic energy otherwise if you are not relaxed, the energy is blocked as the brain changes to more alpha and theta waves leading to frigidity and importence.

This is why breathing correctly is so important as part of your Tantric massage and the art of the professional Tantric therapist is to listen to the flow and rhythm of breath through their clients body and to attune the massage accordingly to explore that Kundalini energy for the purpose of enhancing and eventually expelling that energy.

As I said Spring is in the air so it is time to book your next professional Tantric therapy session where you will experience a proper Tantric massage in London from an experienced and intuitive masseuse in an elegant apartment rather than "hand relief" from a so called "goddess" in a squalid flat.