Paradise Lost And Found

Posted on 31 Mar 2015

Paradise and Eve

World Book Day occurs at the beginning of March and probably the most important book in the Western world is the Bible and possibly the best known passages are the story of the creation in Genesis chapter 5 with the formation of the Garden of Eden. This garden is depicted as Paradise in many famous paintings dating back to medieval times with Adam and Eve standing innocently in harmony together beneath the tree of knowledge with the snake coiled at their feet and the piece of fruit from that tree in Eve's hand. The story unfolds with the man and the wife hearing the sound of the Lord God walking in the garden and hiding themselves because they were naked having eaten of the forbidden fruit with the consequence that the Lord God drove them out of the garden and out of Paradise into the World.

This story tells about the sexual awakening and awareness of mankind and their inhibition of being seen naked and the Tantric philosophy, albeit stemming from Indian rather than Christian culture, is all about sexual awakening and awareness in a naturist environment.

Exploring ones sexuality and that of one's partner can be divided into three different groups, the "sensual" involving the Tantric massage, the "deviant" through bondage, deprivation and sadomasochism, and the "carnal" of oral, anal and vaginal intercourse. I would like to reflect on the values of the sensual Tantric therapy since the other "services" are not services that I provide at my studio.

Tantric therapy is not just about lying back passively and savouring my touch but also about education to discover the sexuality of the body. Yes, like Adam and Eve, we are both naked though not for any lewd or lascivious reason, but to create a feeling of uninhibited openness with each other as a prelude to harmony so that we can create an unforgettable Tantric experience. The Tantric massage is not about a quick sexual fix and thrill for you but a journey of exploration and enhancement as we focus together on the sexual energy in both your mind and body.

I like to start each session with a chat to my clients so that I can gain a sense of how they are feeling, may be anxious or stressed at one extreme to outgoing and confident at the other, which enables me to adapt the first half of the session to bringing each client (whether they be male or female) to a utopic state of relaxation of mind and body before awakening and enhancing their sexual energy. Every time you come to see me is a learning curve for both of us as each time you will be in a different state of mind requiring both my intuition and experience to bring you to that tranquillity and then lift your senses towards orgasm and perhaps enable you to find Paradise again in that moment of pure ecstasy.