Different Ways Of Sexual Stimulation

Posted on 15 Mar 2015

A different way of sexual stimulation

The most watched film in cinemas at the moment is "Fifty Shades of Grey" based on the book of the same name by E. L. James (a housewife with a graphic imagination from North West London) and telling the story of a wealthy man with a fancy lifestyle who introduces a young female graduate to BDSM.

The film was released on Valentine's Day to a restricted adult only audience in the UK, yet deemed suitable for teenagers in France but banned in certain middle eastern countries even though judicial caning of women in such countries is still commonplace, which just goes to show the various attitudes to this topic across the world.

There are plenty of scenes of nudity and bondage in the film as he slowly introduces her to BDSM including the scene where the girl is tied spread eagled face down on the bed for a whipping from the man to the apparent enjoyment of both the whipper and the whipped.

I am not sure to what extent BDSM is practiced and it may be something particularly Anglo-Saxon. I have in the past been asked by a couple of male clients if I would chastise them, but I always have (and always will) say no as it is not my scene and there are other places in London they can go to find the services of a dominatrix or submissive. I am told that may be this desire stems from their schooldays when it was the practice up to the early nineteen seventies for boys to be punished in private schools by being caned or slippered "on the bare" which was graphically displayed in the film "Young Winston" about the early life of Sir Winston Churchill.

Sexual stimulation can be enhanced for some in the context of restraint and pain to heighten the awareness of both mind and body or in total contrast by uninhibited relaxation and soothing touch of the Tantric massage to achieve the same results. Tantric therapy is all about peace, harmony, and tranquillity followed by gentle and caressing stimulation. It is about celebration of the beauty of mind and body without the need for causing or receiving pain or depravity and whilst you may decide to watch the film, I hope you will also consider a Tantric massage to explore the awareness that the neo-Tantra philosophy can give to both mind and body.

I am not sure that the book or film would have been so successful if it had been about the man introducing the girl to the Tantric massage for couples (and yes enlightened couples have come to me in the past) but just as BDSM is favoured by some to enhance their sex lives then so can a Tantric massage from an experienced practitioner who takes the time and trouble to work with them to improve their sexual prowess without the need to resort to handcuffs and a sore bottom.