A Healthy And Happy New Year

Posted on 28 Jan 2015

fit therapeutic tantric masseuse

I always think the start of the new year is exciting and for me this year is particularly exciting as I now have my own studio in the West End of London and despite it being the middle of winter I look forward to giving you a warm welcome, though may be our ancestors got it right when the new year started on 25th March, appropriately called Lady Day, which heralded the start of spring and its association with new life.

Having my own studio enables me to express my own style in its interior design and furnishings. I think it is essential that not only should the masseuse be well groomed with an attractive figure and subtle make-up but the studio should have the right ambiance to create a relaxed yet intimate atmosphere so from the moment I greet you in a little black dress until the time to leave I want you to feel that you have had a top dollar experience yet at an affordable price.

I have always felt that physique as well as personality are an important prerequisite for a masseuse, for not only you do have to be fit (massage is actually quite strenuous and tiring work) but have to look attractive as well by having a nice figure. There were two articles in the weekend papers that caught my eye. "Why do Women have Curves" and "Ahead of the Curves" and needless to say each was accompanied by a picture of a naked woman with quite shapely bodies.

The first article related to a new book titled "Curvology" which sort an evolutionary explanation for the shape of the female body. Inevitably in such a study curvaceous bosoms and alluring bottoms played their part which given several thousands of years of sexual selection between the species would mean everyone whether they be male or female would have a body to die for, but it seems evolution is not quite like this. Apparently during puberty women lay down between 10 and 20 kilos of extra adipose tissue, most of which goes on the thighs and bottom to provide a fat source for conversion into milk for breast feeding and apparently when women move to menopause this fat either dissipates naturally (the good news) or moves to the waist and stomach area (not such good news) but at least that provides an excuse. I am not sure how this reconciles with narrow wasted mature women who have never had babies!

The second article discussed the world's obsession with the concept that "Fat is a Feminist Issue" and how that often drives girls and women into eating disorders and excessive exercise to such an extent that there is now an international initiative to "challenge all those merchants of body hatred who turn women and girls against their bodies". Many doctors believe that being at the upper end of the normal BMI index of 18.5 to 24.9 coupled with a good level of fitness actual will mean a healthier and longer life.

My philosophy is simple and that is to look good and to feel good and there is nothing like a full body massage from an experienced professional masseuse to achieve that goal so why not make treating yourself to a genuine Tantric massage your new year's resolution.