Female Sexual Exploitation Or Exploration

Posted on 06 Dec 2014

female sexual exploitation or exploration

There were two articles in the Daily Telegraph a couple of weeks ago that caught my eye and demonstrated society's ambivalent attitude to women.

The first article was headlined "Britain bars US pick-up artist who gives lessons in misogyny" because his so called dating seminars have received international condemnation for their derogatory treatment of women and in some cases for appearing to condone sexual and emotional abuse. Apparently this so called artist, Julian Blanc, claims on his website that he can show how to make girls sleep with you after short circuiting their emotional and logical minds and men are reputed to pay him £1,000 an hour to learn his techniques to show how one can manipulate women into sex against their will. Frankly, I doubt his claims can be true, and that women (unless under the influence of alcohol or drugs) are far to astute in choosing their bedtime partners.

The second article was headlined "Passion, kisses and corsets: the sex secrets of Marie Stopes to be laid bare". A diary kept by her has been published titled "Tabulation of Symptoms of Sexual Excitement in Solitude" in which she record sexual desires and orgasm count on sheet of graph paper over a period of a month whilst camping on a remote beach in Northumberland and formed part of her research for her manual on "Married Love" published in 1918 in which she argues that women are entitled to sexual pleasure.

These two articles demonstrate the extreme between sexual exploitation of and sexual exploration by women, though as I said in the first paragraph that there is still today this attitude by some sectors of society that its ok to take advantage of women for sexual pleasure yet frown upon women who seek sexual pleasure. However what is key is that sexual enlightenment is a goal all should seek and a Tantric massage can play an important part in educating people about the management, control and enhancement of their sexual energy.

There is also a new exhibition being staged at the "Welcome Collection" in London (close to Euston Square underground station) titled "The Institute of Sexology" which explores the study of sex from Victorian times and includes not only some of Mary Stope's research but also more than 200 exhibits including a range of sex toys and erotic photographs from bygone time. It sounds a 'must' for a visit with added benefit of free entry and perhaps combined with a Tantra-lising experience afterwards would make for a very illuminating afternoon.