A Healthy Life Is A Happy Life

There was an article in the news this week about a firm of solicitors lodging a claim on behalf of a disabled child with the Criminal Injuries. Compensation Fund on the grounds of criminal damage caused to the child whilst in the womb consequent upon the mother’s excessive drinking and smoking during pregnancy which is yet another example of the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The Government is always extolling the need for a healthy life style as part of its focus on driving down cost in the NHS by promoting both sensible eating through food labelling, warning notices on cigarette packages and may be to come on alcohol bottles, and promoting physical exercise particularly at school.

I think maintaining good sexual function is also an important part of the body’s well being. A friend of mine has a very old car which he takes out on the road at least every month to keep all the moving parts in working order, despite inevitable wear and tear, otherwise those parts will seize up and the car would become a static museum piece. So one way to prevent those parts of the body seizing up is to have a regular Tantric massage. My philosophy and may be my gift is my ability to read the body through the touch of my hands and to channel and focus your energy through the movement of my hands to enhance the sensation of physical well being through out the session.

Tantra is an ancient philosophy for maintaining body inner balance and harmony which has evolved into neo tantra to incorporate those principles. It is a fine line between a sensuality and eroticism but a proper Tantric massage should be a therapeutic experience to enhance sexual awareness in both mind and body and totally different from the gratification of sexual feelings from say kissing, foreplay and intercourse between consenting adults.

Several of my new customers on their first visit are often either nervous or embarrassed. This is quite natural and not unexpected and I would like to emphasise that my Tantric massage is about reassurance to create positive self awareness through pampering and nourishing their bodies by harnessing their energy to create that sense of fulfilment.

Sometimes my clients are nervous because they are afraid their visit may be discovered or they feel they are cheating on their partner, but they do not need to be as firstly, discretion and confidentiality are important for both of us and secondly clients are asked to adopt a passive role for their sensual massage and requests for sexual extras are simply not tolerated.

All I ask is that clients adopted an open minded approach, jettison any preconceived ideas and allow me to take away any nervous or uncomfortable feelings you may have so that you lie back and have a beautiful experience under my guiding hands on you and warmth of feelings for you. I want you to savour the Tantric journey with me, as it is the way that we travel together rather than concentrate on our destination that matters to create that truly blissful session for you.

Other customers may be embarrassed either because they feel their body is unattractive or they have qualms about sexual function (such as premature ejaculation or failure). Again I would never judge my clients on their physique, we are all made differently and no one is perfect. For some sexual arousal is instantaneous, for some prolonged and long lasting, and for some unachievable but that is not the point and whilst a Tantric massage is a therapy for maintaining good sexual function, it is the experience of being cherished by a caring masseuse which will achieve fulfilment. Tantric massage, unlike say a Thai massage, necessitates the client being completely undressed with minimal covering by towels in a naturist environment with the masseur/masseuse similarly unclothed, but this is all part of achieving a relaxed and uninhibited environment for an unforgettable experience.

I feel society should be much more open about the role tantric massage can contribute to the overall health of society and not somehow taboo or confused with prostitution. I do have some clients who are much more open about having Tantric massages to the extent of recommending it to their friends and even partners. So don’t be nervous or embarrassed, embrace a healthy lifestyle and include a tantric massage as part of your life’s happiness.