How A Tantric Massage Can Bring Men And Women Closer

Posted on 27 Feb 2014

Bring men & women closer with Tantric massage

In my last blog, I briefly referred to the cult of Ishtar, the mother-goddess of love and war and in this blog I thought I would consider how men and women differ in their approach to sex given, it is said women are from Venus and men are from Mars and how a Tantric massage can bring them closer together. In the animal kingdom and to a greater extent mankind, procreation is the most important goal in life, other than staying alive, with fertility the key to successfully recreating oneself in ones own likeness which is why in times gone by having an heir was all important, hence the number of brides who walked down the aisle pregnant. In one year a man could have sex with 100 different girls who could in turn each have a baby and thus a man substantially increases his chances of creating the perfect baby. A woman on the other hand were she to have sex in one year with 100 different men could only have one baby and not necessarily from the man with the best gene pool so getting it right is of prime importance. Fertility, particularly amongst animals is the key factor in their sexual behaviour and genitalia. Female chimps for example have low fertility and hence need to be promiscuous by mating with as many males as possible which means that the males have large testicles to maximise sperm production to increase the chances of conception. Female gorillas on the other hand are much more fertile so are more monogamous and correspondingly the males have much smaller testicles.

I am not suggesting ladies that you should only choose well-endowed men but unlike our animal counterparts, for us for the majority of times it is sexual enjoyment and satisfaction rather than procreation that is the goal, which is how having a Tantric massage can help achieve this end. My Tantric massage for women focuses on the build-up of sexual energy towards orgasm and then to increase intensity and duration so that my female clients can then show their partner what suits them best (and success really does enhance the male ego) and likewise my Tantric massage for men works on helping them to control and hold back their orgasm. Maybe if men could hold on a little longer and women could come a little quicker, one would attain nirvana.