A Tantric Massage To Build Up Waves Of Pleasure

Posted on 15 Mar 2014

A Tantric massage to build up waves of pleasure

In my last Blog I said how important it is to bring Mars and Venus more into alignment. I would suggest that whilst everyone knows 'how to have sex' far fewer understand 'how to make love' and this can often lead to frustration and the breakdown of relationships.

Many people are conditioned by what they see on films where the actor and actress either strip off or strip each other off of their clothes, throw themselves back onto the bed for some kissing and a quick fumble of the actress's breasts, followed by some vigorous thrusting by the actor accompanied by grunts of exertion and writhing by the actress accompanied by moans of pleasure, so that within the five minutes allocated by the film director, simultaneous ecstatic climax is reached by both of them.

I think this conditions men to think that they only have to give an energetic pumping of the female motor to fire it into life, maybe slap it a bit if it won't start and try again and if it still won't run, give up though may be it might need a service or rather ladies why not try a Tantric massage in London to see if we can explore together ways to build up your energy to improve your stimulation or alternatively send him for a session to learn how to hold back his build-up of energy to improve his control.

Gentlemen, a satisfactory love life for you and your partner is more than just dipping in and out of the sea of pleasure. You need to think of your partner like the sea in as much at low tide, she will be calm with a few gentle waves, and as tide starts to come in over the hot undulating sand, so the water will be warmed and caressed on the underside making the waves slowly start to build up before eventually one big wave (or if you get it right several big waves) will crash onto the seashore at high tide.

Likewise Ladies you need to be more proactive and not just lie back and expect it to happen whilst thinking may be about what type of fish to cook for supper but show your partner how you want him to build up your waves of pleasure.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for both men and woman to understand more about how they can build up, control and release the sexual energy within their bodies and how to transmit that energy to their partners which is why Tantric massage therapy for both men and woman can help them improve their sexual relationship.