Healing Not Hurting – The Tantric Way To Building Relationships

There are few topics more likely to generate stereotypes than that of sex. And given that a tantric massage will often be addressing the sexual side of physical and mental health, it too is often subject to misconception and stereotyping.

Take for example our clients. The myth is that they are always male although nothing could be further from the truth: the majority of our clients are men but we also see many females and indeed we see couples together. Another myth is that these clients are likely to be in unhappy and love-deprived relationships – or not in any relationship at all – and are seeking a release for unfulfilled mental and physical desires. Again, this feels like a misrepresentation of our experiences at Tantralising.

Privacy Is Important

Clients who come here do so for all manner of reasons, with various needs and objectives, and we aim to address (or exceed) those expectations (within our set boundaries, of course). Some clients like to tell us about the details of their lives; others prefer discretion and privacy. We respect both cases, and try to get the balance between being good listeners and staying discrete – as each client situation demands. Obviously, many of our clients need to keep their visits to us completely private and we wholly respect that. Society still has an unsophisticated and blinkered view of what is involved, and employers, peers, families, and friends may be intolerant: we would never make a judgement on that. What we would say, however, is that the view of the tantric session as something that damages relationships could not be further from the truth.

Take for instance the situation faced by some men (and even some women clients) where they are in fruitful, loving, enduring relationships – yet the sexual element has slowed or disappeared. Or perhaps a couple find that their sex-drives have got out of kilter – one accelerating, one slowing. This is not an unusual occurrence. Females, for example, can suffer loss of libido following childbirth, at menopause, during depression, and so on. Through no fault of their, their partners may feel the loss of the physical side of the relationship and this can cause resentment and anger. Perhaps in time, it may lead to other elements of the relationship suffering, and perhaps them having an affair or seeking divorce. Women too may suffer sexual deprivation, given that age can actually increase female sex drive whilst it may have the reverse effect on the husband. In fact, there are so many instances where everything in the relationship may be strong except for the sexual side of things getting misaligned.

Now we would never suggest that couples should avoid trying to deal with issues such as these. For example, relationship counselling can work wonders where there are difficulties of a sexual nature. However, sometimes, there are just no easy and practical solutions to be had. Sometimes, it would be hurtful or damaging for the partners to discuss these matters. Sometimes, the partner needs a form of physical release that simply cannot be recaptured, even though no one is to blame. Sometimes, a partner is too ill or debilitated. And this is where our tantric services are so beneficial. In allowing a form of therapy that, whether kept private or indeed sanctioned by a spouse (and we do indeed experience such situations – for example, where a spouse is physically incapable of bringing their partner to orgasm), will solve a problem for the relationship and in so doing help keep that relationship from eroding – perhaps even indirectly keeping the partners in higher spirits and free from hurt and resentment.

And then there are the rarer, but equally beneficial, sessions where both partners may come along together to a tantric session. Perhaps to find new forms of physical discovers; or to learn about new methods of stimulation. Our services here at Tantralising offer a range of bespoke sessions tailored to couples seeking new ways to rediscover their bodies, desires, and experiences.

The myth – perpetrated by ignorant and intolerant society – is that tantric services will ultimately ruin relationships and commitments and encourage further dissatisfaction. In the event, they do they very opposite, allowing people who, for various reasons, have lost the beauty and thrill of the physical life to recapture it, and, in doing so, keep their relationships in top class condition. At Tantralising, we’re here to help.