Beautiful And Skilled Tantric Masseuses

Like many groups working together, especially where relatively young adults without families are involved, it is a hazard of our profession that people may move on to pastures new and enjoyable relationships are disrupted. Often, our girls at Tantralising will be in London for a while, but then choose to leave to experience another country or continent. Life is short, and who can blame young people for taking advantage of our increasingly small world and ever easier travel options. I call it a hazard, not because I think travel is a bad thing – I have happily lived in several cultures myself – but because whenever a girl leaves us, it is a cause for very mixed feelings. On one hand, I am delighted to see them fulfilling their dreams and broadening their horizons; on the other, I am almost always so sad at the loss of another valued colleague or friend. You see, working together as we do here at Tantralising, the bonds between us often grow very strong. Perhaps it is part of the intimacy of our service that brings the broader intimacy as well.

I hesitate to single-out any one of our many fine and beautiful girls, but, as the best example of this, I can never forget Zoe, who left us some months ago to pursue her next adventures. Many of our clients still ask me about her, even after all these months, so well do they remember her vibrant spirit, tiger-like energy, and wonderfully generous spirit. Zoe was of Brazilian origins, with an Italian mix, and I have often wondered if that particular cultural combination – of the two notably passionate but quite different temperaments – gave us the perfect balance for the role and skills of a tantric masseuse. Who knows? But I do know that she had a truly remarkable gift for her “art” and possessed that natural ability in making everyone – clients and colleagues alike – feel so special. Indeed, I’m not sure she quite realised herself how skilled she was, so natural was the gift. To this day, we still think fondly of her. She was a true legend and a great friend as well!

The art of tantric massage has to be learned over time. It involves the varied elements of physiological knowledge, understanding of sexuality and sexual response, people-skills, physical dexterity, ability to relax and deal with inhibitions (masseuse and client alike), empathy with people, psychology, customer service, rigorous attention to cleanliness, and many other elements as well. But I have also seen, in the many girls that I have met and trained, how some masseuses have that extra-special and perhaps spiritual ability as well – where the role of providing a unique service involving body, mind, and soul comes so naturally – some would say, “from within”. Perhaps some cultures (or nationalities even) lend themselves to this more than others. Or maybe it is just an accident of nature how some girls are just naturals, whilst others may have to work harder to learn the all-important skills.

Either way, at Tantralising in London, we have been very fortunate, over the years, to host some truly exceptional Tantric masseuses – all of them skilled and different in their own ways. Indeed, this might be the perfect time for me to thank them all – those who have been with us and left, and those superb girls who we have here with us at the moment, each one of whom puts their own uniqueness to their tantric services.

And you the clients. You too are unique in your own ways and with your differing needs and preferences. We invite you all to come in to meet our beautiful and gifted ladies who will be delighted to make your time here at Tantralising so special. No client is the same as any other; no masseuse is the same; and, above all, we try to make every single appointment unlike any other – whether you are a regular or whether this is your first time with us. All of us here – and I feel this very strongly myself – bring to our service a reflection not only of what we have learned on our own journeys, but of the many wonderful clients, colleagues and friends that the profession has allowed us the privilege of meeting.