The Importance Of ‘Me Time’

So another year is about to reach its finale. Where did the 12 months go? I love this time of year, but it acts as a reminder of how quickly the days fly by, and why it is so important to make the most of life. Many clients are busy people in stressful jobs, and I like to think that a massage session at Tantralising gives them the rare opportunity to focus on themselves and a release from hectic deadlines and working pressures.

Taking time for one’s self also applies to your provider as well. This has been a particularly busy year for Tantralising, and although we all love what we do here, it is vital for providers as well as clients to avoid taking on too much. A tantric massage session, when done well, involves a huge amount of involvement with the therapist putting heart and soul into the meeting. It’s the establishing of that connection that makes clients return time and time again. But it means that as a provider, you can’t be running heavy, back-to-back schedules and working every minute of the week – unless you want to burn yourself out. So I believe that I owe it to my clients as well as myself to make time for rest and relaxation. One example of this was a wonderful trip I made in summer to Scotland – the very first time I have been there. What a fantastic trip it was, made special by the amazing landscapes and fantastically friendly people: even the weather was good. And I returned all the more refreshed and energised.

As well as our lovely regulars this year, I have also met many interesting and unique new clients who almost always seem to bring something fresh and different to the sessions. I love it how I can learn so many fascinating things from so many of my clients, and I’m thrilled when I meet someone new, as well as when our long-standing regulars return, of course.

I also feel privileged, this busy year, to have met the lovely massage therapists Lisa and Mila who have joined me for some of that time. I have really appreciated their input and companionship, and no matter exactly how or for what lengths of time they have contributed, all their efforts and skills have been immeasurably appreciated – by both clients and me. I’m so thankful for their involvement. Then there is the amazing Lucy – a special thanks here: one of the most accomplished and sensational girls I have ever had chance to work with. I am constantly taken aback by how good she is at what she does. More than that, I truly admire her as a woman, as beautiful inside as she is outside; an amazing masseuse who makes everyone, without exception, just so happy and at ease.

These girls and you, our fantastic clients, have made this another wonderful Tantralising year, full of memorable moments and unforgettable people. Here’s wishing you the happiest Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in a brand new and exciting 2019.