Amazing Places Amazing Clients

You hear many different views about Dubai. Certainly, for its lack of crime, the cleanliness, and super-modern efficiency, it’s got to be hard to beat. If you’re lucky enough to have been there, you will know exactly what I mean. Then there’s the shopping. The Emirates love buying the latest fashions and gadgets and they have the largest shopping mall in the world. Indeed, Dubai is impressive in some many ways. I’ve also heard other less positive views about how it lacks character or the laws have no flexibility. But for me, it feels full of excitement and interest.

I think the same applies to its people. You hear mixed things, and some other therapists have said to me that they are always apprehensive taking clients from there, worried that they may be ill mannered or difficult to deal with. In my experience, however, nothing could be further from the truth. The clients that we have had here at Tantralising for a massage – both regulars and those passing through London – who originate from this part of the world have always been some of the most polite, charming, and cultured of people. Many have been amazing gentlemen who have been the ideal kind of client. Of course, there will always be exceptions to any rule, and maybe we have been lucky, but in our experience, our Dubai clients have shown the most impeccable behaviour. They generally turn up exactly on time and never unnecessarily overstay their booking; they never overstep our boundaries or try it on; there is never any bother or quibbling over the booking fees; and they treat us with impeccable manners and good taste. We have never had any cause to be anything other than delighted with our clients from this art of the world.

Saudi Arabia has a fierce reputation for its rules and regulations and, indeed, people have sometimes told me of the difficulties in living a Western lifestyle in that country – the drinking of alcohol being the one area that is quoted most often, but the regulations and laws are not known for their tolerance. It’s only recently, for example, that the laws on women driving cars have been relaxed. But here again, our experience of the clients who come from that region has almost always been favourable. Perhaps it is a certain kind of well-travelled, cosmopolitan, worldly-wise version of person from these places who is attracted to our studio here at Tantralising. Perhaps we only see the more liberal and outward looking people from this region, who want to build an amiable and good-natured rapport with us – which we all want and like. But whatever the reason, the Saudi clients that have come to us have, in almost all cases, been some of the most charming, respectful, open-minded and interesting people to have come through the door.

I know all this is a bit of a sweeping statement – all nationalities have good and bad. But when I hear providers say how they fear clients from Dubai or Saudi Arabia, and perhaps won’t even take the bookings, I’m sceptical. Most of our clients here at Tantralising, including those from these places, are lovely people who we really enjoy the time and pleasure they enjoy with us. Human beings are human beings – and pleasure is pleasure – wherever they boarded their planes.