Foot Fetish At Tantralising

Here at Tantralising, we seem to be getting more requests for sessions focused in varying degrees on the feet. It doesn’t surprise me. The feet are an incredibly sensitive and sensual part of our bodies providing a range of sensations unmatched anywhere else on the body, if only we allow ourselves to open up this often neglected or inhibited part of the body. I don’t simply mean the increasingly popular expression of foot fetishism, although there is a lot of fun to be had on that side of things. As well as that, I mean understanding the huge importance of the feet, in terms of our health, happiness, and sensual side.

The feet are well known as been the portal to the rest of the body, containing a vast concentration of nerves and pressure points that correspond to all the other organs of the body (including the sexual organs and hormones). Through interpretation of the chacras, reflexology can provide an understanding of the health of the whole body (and mind) as well as a great therapy. So at the end of our extended sessions here, we often finish off with a period of relaxing reflexology – a lovely way to bring the body back to reality after a tantric climax; a way of reminding the body that the feet will soon be in action again, the point of contact between body and ground. I always love to end on a gentle foot massage, rather than unceremoniously conclude the session quickly after orgasm. However, as well as the value of a reflexology epilogue to the Tantralising massage session, we also understand the direct appeal of a more sexual association with the feet, which is why we can design an entire session with the feet as the main focus of directed sensual and sexual attention.

Since classical times, the feet have been regarded as the conduit for physical and spiritual well-being, and bathing one’s feet, or even better, having one’s feet bathed, was one of the most sacred of acts. Indeed, for centuries, the female foot has been a source of sensual fascination, and how it is dressed is also a source of powerful seductive potency. It is often said that the feet are the most prevalent of the fetishes and that sexual desire directed especially at the feet is not at all unusual, be it an admiration for shapely arches, ankle decoration, painted toe-nails, and the like, or a love for the feelings associated with tickling, stroking, sucking toes and soles. Some people have been known to be able to climax on stimulation of the feet alone. As well as the feet themselves, for men and women alike, the female shoe can also have an aesthetic even obsessive draw and is certainly often a focus for sexual attraction – the inferred superiority conferred by the heel, the extended curve reflecting the leg, the shine of patent, the shimmer of a buckle, the inferred bondage of the strap. In so many sexual scenarios, footwear has a major role. As a result, there is often a strong complementary effect between foot fetish and shoe fetish, and giving expression to one may include the other.

At Tantralising, we understand how the feet can play a fundamental role, serious or playful, physical or spiritual, in sexual well-being, and we invite you to experience some of the emotional and physical benefits or a session focusing on the feet. As part of this, where I think we offer a unique service at Tantralising is in combining both aspects of the foot-directed experience. We understand the strong physiological and spiritual benefits of foot massage – or reflexology – as well as the sensual and erotic elements of foot fetish. It is analogous to the way we view tantric massage generally, uniting the health and therapy benefits of massage with a powerful sexual release.

Why not call us to discuss a foot fetish session. Tell us about the fantasies that you would like to explore with us, and as long as these are within our boundaries, we can design the perfect session for you – teasing, tickling, bathing, dressing, playing games, role-play, shoes, painted toe-nails – whatever your deepest foot-based fantasies may involve. Or we can combine a more extensive period of reflexology with the tantric body-to-body massage. Allow us to tantralise your soul by tantralising with the feet.