The Business Of Good Karma

Posted on 07 Feb 2017

Business of good karma

We live in troubled times and you don't need to watch the news or read the papers for too long without being concerned even about day-to-day life. We all know to take care, whether out and about or at home on our computers, and life as a Tantric masseuse has its own unique risks. But we also need to be careful not to allow the wrongs in modern life to make us paranoid, cynical or lose sight of the good things.

I remember a conversation I once had with a friend in a restaurant who was complaining about the service, not because it was poor, but because, in my friend's view, the staff must have wanted a big tip. I've noticed this self-defeating cynicism in hotels too, where some customers will struggle with their own bags just so that they will not be faced with having to tip a helpful porter. And it's there on forums in my own industry too, where just occasionally, a provider's good intention is mistaken as a manipulative hard-sell. Sure, one motive (among several) of a provider's good service may be because they believe that it might benefit them commercially in the long run. That's the essence of business. But does that make the service any less good? Or is that all there is to it?

When you take it back to basics, the notion of karma is about reciprocity. Your destiny is based on your actions, or in more practical terms, what you put into something will correspond to what you get back. I believe that, especially as a practitioner in any field, do a great job and you'll get back something great (or even better) in return. In my own case as a Luxury Tantric Massage London therapist, I believe that the better the service, the better the holistic outcome for everyone - in terms of how I feel about myself (as a respected professional); about the pleasure, therapy, and benefits for my clients; about the connectedness in the session; and in terms of customer respect, loyalty and recommendation. Tantric massage is being in a shared moment and escaping from the world beyond, and if I provide a great service in that moment, it's a win-win for all of us. It seems to have worked for me, because in the time I have been providing Tantric massage, I have met some lovely people (and very few unpleasant ones), and when they say they want to return, I'd challenge anyone not to feel good about the situation - not for the future fee (which I accept is not irrelevant), but more because someone has gone away delighted by what I've done for them.

Luxury Tantric Massage

As in any industry, some practitioners give it all a bad name. I suspect that some of the less reputable in my industry work on the assumption that client loyalty is not worth seeking, and that you need to put in as little as possible to get as much as you can. Perhaps they can sustain a business model where every customer will be a new customer, so who cares about the quality of service? So what if the room is a dump, the shower broken, the photos were bait and the girl was switched. Take the money and wait for the next one-off client. I've also heard of practitioners who justify this with their own uncomplimentary view of maleness: the view that the guys only care about one thing, and that's all you need deliver. It's a cynical attitude that I would not want to live by. As I said above, there is bad in every walk of life, but you have to focus on the good or you'd lose your own value and respect. My aim in what I do is to provide exemplary customer service, not just in the way I present myself, the apartment, the communications and time-keeping, but also in the little things too.

In the long run, if we get cynical about any of these things, then what's the point in anything? And if you think this is all a crafty plot to make my clients feel good about themselves and about me, then I am indeed guilty.