Special People Make Special Moments

Today, I wanted to write about things that are special to me and to the lovely masseuses here at Tantralising. Most important of all are our clients, who come to us for a special experience and who, in return, are so special to us. I’m not just saying that as marketing talk – they really are and we realise that. Our clients support us with their time, investment and trust and in return we have the real pleasure of meeting some incredibly different, interesting and engaging people and then taking them on a unique journey. It’s part of what it so special to us too.

Not every ‘journey’ need result in orgasm, and we emphasise that, where our clients do climax, one should still think in terms of the session in its entirety – from the teasing sweetness of the build-up to the final phase of tranquillity. But where it happens, the orgasm itself is the most special of moments, and it is vital to share this of all human interactions with a special person. Of course, the Tantralising masseuse-client relationship is a professional one, but that is no reason why it cannot be special. For us, no client is the same as another; and no orgasm is like another. How much better to share it in the most intimate of ways, physically and mentally, with beautiful provider – in mind and body – who lives by this ‘special’ approach to their art.

There is no better antidote to the stress and strain of everyday life than the orgasm. Society can often place unnecessary barriers and taboos in the way of what is essentially the most wonderful and effective of ways for the human body to re-energise and re-boot itself. Sex in many forms is accepted in society and in others less so: the media can discuss some sexual practices in the most intricate and casual detail, subject to its own arbitrary and judgemental criteria. Orgasm achieved through professional channels, however, is often disapproved in these circles – as though, for example, a tantric session with a professional masseuse has to be less special and more inferior to the ‘approved’ ways.

Yet regular orgasms can alleviate feelings of depression, sadness, aggression, inferiority and the rest of it; and they can help with clarity of thought, self-worth, confidence, and calmness. Indeed, they might help you even to make better decisions in day-to-day living. People benefit and society benefits. The orgasm is a special and treasured gift and we should treasure it and develop our experiences. The Tantralising masseuse may well be able to work with a client to develop that ‘gift’ and enhance its ‘special’ nature, to heights and levels of intensity that might not have been possible in other circumstances. The most special of moments demands the most special of therapies and therapists.

Our girls here have expertise, experience, and devotion to helping our clients to achieve the peak of orgasmic expression. Whether it is a new client or a regular one, we aim to interact with each and every one, building an memorable relationship and taking the session to a very special place, with an extraordinary physical and spiritual connection. It is about our lovely ladies sharing their vivacious sensual energies with their clients, sharing their intimacy and loveliness. Little wonder then that some of our clients will close their eyes in consummate mindfulness whilst others will share eye-contact and release whilst in rapture at the loveliness of the masseuse. It is one of the safest of sexual practices and is a way of awakening senses and sensations that may never have been explored to such an extent. This is what is so special to our clients and to all of us here.

So when the session is over, our clients will leave feeling exceptional and, we hope, feeling better people in every way. And here at Tantralising, we do too. Special ladies and special clients making special moments together.