Welcome To The Land Of The Rising Celibacy

Earlier this month, I met a couple of charming Japanese male clients for Tantric massage in London at their West End hotel. They were most polite and courteous and told me how much they enjoyed coming to London. The following weekend, an article in the Telegraph court my eye entitled “Welcome to the Land of the Rising Celibacy”. I had known that Japanese culture was to western eyes paradoxical, in as much on the one hand their artwork can be quite sexually explicit and they even have festivals dedicated to the male and female organs yet in their daily lives there is a perennial obsession with modesty and demureness.

According to that article, Japanese youth is in the throes of a celibacy syndrome with a third of under thirties never having been on a date, and a quarter of men and half of women saying that sex is not for them. Apparently, their preference is for platonic friendships and instead focus on career development. I think that starting a relationship in Japan could be very difficult because of their concept of “loss of face” and the unthinkable for a man who asks a woman out for a date and she says “no” and therefore the risk to him of her saying no is too great and therefore better not to ask at all unless he is absolutely certain of a positive answer which involves quite complicated role play.

However that is not to say that there is no sex in Japan, and in fact the reverse with their preponderance of so called “Love Hotels” with their discreet entrances and often bizarre interiors ( the first one was established in Osaka in 1968) where rooms can be rented by the hour for couples to have sex and it was reported in that article that some of these hotels offer facilities for men to meet women who go there for sex whereby men can observe such women through a glass screen seated demurely reading a book or sewing for example, and if the man is attracted to that woman then they meet outside for some social interplay. He will ask her why she has come to the Love Hotel, and she will reply if she likes the look of him by telling him that she is lonely, and he will promise to buy her a puppy or kitten from one of the numerous pet shops in the area as an affirmation of her innocence and to take home afterwards. The following morning she returns the animal to the pet store and splits the refund with the shop keeper as her present.

This all sounds rather complicated, which is why perhaps some Japanese men prefer the simplicity when they come to London of having a Tantric massage. I am not sure if Tantric massage studios exist in Tokyo, but maybe if you read this article and have been to Japan, you could give me some feedback and on a wider note perhaps we could blog about Tantra in other capital cities round the world.