Vote For Luxury Sensual Massage Therapy

Posted on 22 Feb 2016

Luxury sensual massage therapy

There's a lot of talk in the newspapers at the moment of the future EU referendum in Britain. It is apparent that both sides of the argument, stay in or leave, spend most of their time trying to generate fear of what will happen if you don't vote the right way. I've noticed this talk of fear a lot these days - the way people use it as a threat to persuade people to do something or not to do something. We are supposed to live in enlightened times, when people should know so much about the world and how best to live in it. Yet instead of greater understanding and positive emotion, there is still so more fear: more anxiety, more worry, more panic.

So how does this apply to my own world of Tantric therapy? I hear you ask. Well you see, the more I've learnt about Tantra, the more I've come to see it as the perfect antidote to fear. Once you (and I) are fully immersed in the Tantric situation - effectively naked in body and spirit - there can be no fear: only its opposite feelings of trust, beauty, positivity, and healing. Surely that is why we were given sexual desire in the first place; something so perfectly expressed in the so-called "full body orgasm" that Tantra can bring. And that's why I love this therapy and all that it delivers to both those who provide and those who participate in its wonders.

The strange thing is that there is actually a lot of fear that occurs in the Tantric profession. I witness it, for example, on forums, with on-line discussions getting wound up, and at such times when newcomers make enquiries or arrive for a first visit. Clients may have preconceived ideas about Tantric massage or Sensual massage; they may be fearful that they are doing the wrong thing, that what they are doing might be frowned upon, that they might be ripped off, maybe even hurt or do something wrong. For every positive hope for an enhancing Tantric massage, there may be equivalent negative uncertainties.

So I have my own personal and professional antidote to any fears that new customers might have. Amongst the many elements of the TantraLising customer service, one of the most important will always be to understand that such fear may be there - a little or a lot - and to work tirelessly to address it. To replace fear with trust and the anxiety with ease. When some new clients are on the phone or at the door for the first time, they appear sure of themselves and familiar with Tantric services. But other clients can equally be in fear of all sorts of things. They may wonder to themselves: will the masseuse be beautiful?; will she be a con-artist?; will she be discreet?; will the place be in disrepair?; will I know what to do?; will I need to "perform"?; and so on. All I can say is that I appreciate some of the things that might be whizzing around in the head of a client. Indeed, dealing with a nervous client can be quite a nerve-wracking thing for us practitioners too. So I see it as part of my establishing of trust - my antidote to fear - to look out for anything that might hold the client back from their enjoyment, and to reassure and release those fears.

As part of this process, I see the importance of having a lovely venue where my clients will get an instant sense of comfort, cleanliness, and beauty. I understand the importance of the very highest of personal standards, hoping that, as the client opens the door, he will guess from the immediate appearance of the masseuse that he has made a wonderful choice. And I appreciate how every one of my clients will have differing needs and desires, which I try to match (within boundaries) as sensitively as possible.

Because once any fears are out of the way, then we can both get on to the genuine trusting nature of Tantric massage, making my clients' mental and physical health so much richer and better. Remain or leave? I don't mind how you vote in a referendum, but I hope you remain here for your TantraLising massage, and leave feeling so much better with your world.