London Tantric Massage For Couples

Posted on 23 Apr 2016

London Tantric massage for couples

Despite its growing popularity, there is no doubt that Tantric massage in London remains something of a well-kept secret. Many of our clients like to keep it that way and, at Tantralising, we pride ourselves on our discretion. At the same time, however, we are increasingly finding clients asking about what it might be like to have their partner take part. The fact of the matter from our side is that the couple's Tantric massage - whereby the partners in a relationship attend together for a mutually enriching experience - is a service that we really love to offer.

There are many benefits to the Tantralising couple's session. It may be that you simply want to share the wonderful experience with a partner; or introduce a new and different sensual element into your relationship; maybe you want to take relaxation time together in a safe and stress-free environment; or reinvigorate a loving bond that already exists. Whatever your needs, we think we can provide exactly what it takes to bring a new layer of sensual experience to a partnership.

At Tantralising, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service to our clients, and we understand only too well that a huge component of this is the trust engendered between us. Whilst this is vital in any session, when it comes to the couple's massage, the level of sensitivity and understanding required is all the more acute, with two people not only trusting us with their individual minds and bodies, but also with the more intangible, but all the more important, relationship itself. However, you can rest assured that, at Tantralising, we view trust and transparency as the key to successful Tantric massage. So you will see that we never use fake or unrepresentative masseuse pictures. We never promise anything that we can't deliver, and indeed, a key element in our sessions is a discussion with the couple prior to the session about hopes and expectations; and we never try to upsell our customers into hidden extras or unsolicited services.

What we do offer is an extraordinarily uplifting experience from which, we believe, many couples can benefit. Each of our Tantralising practitioners is a beautiful, friendly, passionate and authentic devotee of their art and every detail of it. Each of us loves doing the couple's sessions - because we have experienced some wonderful outcomes. And each and every session is planned as bespoke to every couple's needs. This can mean that the course of the session can be pre-designed or left to spontaneity; or we can vary the arrangements (one masseuse, two masseurs, acting individually, or acting in harmony - the options can all be discussed and planned to suit the needs of the couple). Of course, every Tantralising masseuse and masseur has an instinctive, individual and unique style, but this adds all the more interest and excitement, adventure and creativity to each booking.

If you think that one of our Tantralising Couple's Massage sessions would enrich your relationship - or just add some stress-free fun - by all means call us to discuss what might be possible. Make it a secret you both can share. Sessions require 24 hours notice.