The All Round Benefits Of A Tantric Massage

Posted on 09 Sep 2013


During the first post I gave you an introduction to the concept of the tantric massage, its origins are and how both men and women can harness their body's sensual energies. This week I'll be covering the all-round physical and psychological benefits of a Tantric massage.

One of the most obvious benefits of having a tantric massage is the relief of built-up sexual stress and tension. Chronic stress can be the foundation of many long and short term problems including insomnia, bad posture, heart and stomach problems. Its importance often goes unnoticed and many people who suffer from stress carry it around with them until they fall physically or mentally ill unless they can find release. Having a tantric massage can be a relaxed, inexpensive way of dealing with your stress in a way that is enjoyable and enlightening. It is also an opportunity to set aside an hour of your week to be with your thoughts and recharge your psychological batteries.

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The physical benefits are also very evident during the massage of both men and women. The pressure and manipulation of the muscle fibres of the body helps to soften and relax the muscles which improves blood circulation and removal of toxins to strengthen the immune system making the body much more resistant to illness. It also helps create a feeling of awakening and more enthusiasm in our everyday tasks.

The sexual benefits of a Tantric massage are perhaps the most evident and undeniable. During the course of the massage, the masseuse will channel the body's normally scattered energy and gradually focus that energy into the erogenous zones, which is usually the genitalia. This leads to heightened sensitivity and to build up energy with the ultimate goal of prolonging and achieving orgasm. It also helps you to build a greater understanding of your body and its sensitivities to touch and arousal which you can impart to your partner. A better understanding of how your partner can enhance your sexuality will in turn lead to their desire to enhance their own sexual experience and maybe treat themselves to a discreet Tantric massage.

I hope this has help to give you some insight into the all-round benefits of a Tantric massage. It can help make you healthier and happier. It can help make you more content with yourself and your sexual wellbeing. If you would like more information contact me through the website and I would be glad to discuss my offers and services.