Introduction To Tantric Massage

Posted on 02 Sep 2013


Hello, my name is Diane and if you are new to Tantric massage, then let me give you some background information to help you understand what it involves, how it can help you to improve your well being and then I will tell you about me.

Tantra is an ancient art that pre-dates that evolved in the East in classical times and has been extremely popular in Europe since the 1960's. It is not simply sex, but a sexual and spiritual experience for both mind and the body that comes from the Indian phrase Neo Tantra which means 'sacred sex'. In today's society the spiritual side of sexuality often gets overlooked and in Neo Tantra, the focus is on transmitting the natural energy of the body and embracing each other's sensual embodiment to enhance that pleasure. Therefore the Tantric massage explores the erotic consciousness and spiritual awareness which is the true purpose of this therapy. NeoTantric sexuality is therefore an essential aspect of the spiritual path with the purpose to understand the sacred unity of peace and love. Tantra is not just for men but also for women in the exploration of their sensuality.

Most people carry a lot of stress and frustration in their day to day lives and either deny it, or bottle it up. A massage for both men and women can be a quick and effective way to release this stress and frustration both in the short and long term and in particular a Tantric massage can be particularly effective in the controlled release of sexual energy with an experienced practitioner in a tranquil environment. It is an affordable way of resolving sexual problems and could even be the beginning of a new found spiritual experience.

It is important to understand that the Tantric massage is not a sexual act such as one might have with a prostitute but a sexual experience created by a professional masseur or masseuse.

Sensual Massage

The Tantric massage is the massage of the entire body with particular emphasis on the erogenous zones and the transmission of energy through the hands to the body to stimulate the sensuality of the recipient. I am a qualified Swedish masseuse and I have been perfecting the art of the Tantric massage for both men and women to achieve a slow and gradual release of sexual energy and relieve tension from the body and mind. It is also a way of improving sexual libido and enhancing one's sex life through a better understanding and control of one's own body.

I am based in Central London and am available for outcall massages at your hotel or residence or incall at my beautiful apartment based in central London between Marylebone, Baker Street and Marble Arch. Please contact me for information about booking fees and availability. Visit the bookings page for more information.