Celebrities Who Get Massages

Posted on 04 Oct 2013

Particularly in western cultures with less emphasis on spiritualism, many people live very stressful lives and tend to bottle up their problems, sometimes to the stage where it can cause serious short term and long term issues. In certain parts of Asia, massage can be much more a part of their daily routine, and in the Far East, such as in Thailand for example, there is a much more open approach to having massages in all sectors of society.

In the West, it tends to be celebrities and business men/women, who carry perhaps more stress and tension, seek outlets for the release of such stress and tension. Therefore it is understandable why so many celebrities and business people have massages on a regular basis, and you will probably be able to guess who they are but here are a few you might not be aware of.

Perhaps one of the most surprising massage clients is the rapper, producer and former gangster P. Diddy. Even for a man who was raised in the slums of New York and battled against drugs and gangsters still needs his time to relax and unwind with a massage. Other rock stars who are known to have frequent massages are Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler and Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. Despite their fame and lifestyle, they still all make time for regular massages, which is so therapeutic and it demonstrates that massage therapy are not just for women.

Some celebrities that you won't be surprised to hear who regularly have massages include Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. What's quite interesting is the areas that these celebrities pay particular attention to during their massage. For example Lady Gaga often complains of sore feet, though when you spend so much of your time walking round on excessively high heels heeled shoes is quite understandable. Steven Tyler is keen on a lip massage, no more needs to be said.

Then there is the host of sports stars, particularly footballers and tennis players, who have a personal team of support staff to look after them including their own dedicated masseur or masseuse, to keep their bodies at the peak of physical perfection.

If you feel you have more to worry about that these celebrities, then you too deserve a massage to relax and rewind. The health benefits can be plentiful and it could be the secret to greater happiness and may be by adding the Tantric touch even greater fulfilment. So what are you waiting for? Visit my site for more details about bookings or contact me directly and I can answer any questions you may have.