A Special Kind Of Massage

Posted on 24 Sep 2013

Outcall Erotic Massage London

I am under no illusions of how many different variations of tantric and erotic massages there are in London but there is a misconception that all of these are the same and serve the same purposes, which is simply not the case. I pride myself on my professional training and in my unique self-taught techniques which I have spent many years tailoring to create that fulfilling tantric massage that many seek but rarely find.

So what are the differences and benefits to the various types of massage and what makes my massage so special?

Most professional masseuses will be trained in a variety of different common practices that cover the most common massage therapies available at spas and clinics. These are commonly referred to as "medical massages" which cover a general category of massages including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy as well as others to treat various medical conditions. Some forms of light medical massage are used for lymphedema which are used as an aid for treatment of breast cancer. The tantric massage is different due to its sexual connotations and is offered in more discreet environments by specialist practitioners.

Almost every country in the world has their own form of ancient massage, for a variety of different purposes. Many in the West are used to relieve physical discomfort that can be achieved through deactivating certain trigger points that can lead to common pain such as headaches and strains. Depending on the ailment, this can be achieved through manipulating the dedicated area via pressure points, massage strokes, ultrasound vibration etc. By contrast, some types of massage that originated in eastern civilisations were used for religious and spiritual purposes, which leads me neatly onto my next point.

Tantra is the art of harnessing the body's sexual energy into the erogenous zones which was believed to heighten your spirituality and bring you closer to god. Nowadays, its more physical attributes are more pertinent to current lifestyles with particular emphasis on stimulation and control of one's sexual energy and through such knowledge for a much more intimate love life.

The Tantric massage I have devised and developed is based on a combination of my traditional Swedish combined with Neo-Tantra techniques with its ancient knowledge of rhythmic breathing for relaxation of the mind and the manipulation of the body with particular focus on the erogenous zone to create an overwhelming feeling of sexual pleasure and tranquillity. With my Tantric therapy I can try and take away your everyday stress and give you back a whole host of physical and psychological benefits.