Tantric Sensual Massage In Marylebone

Posted on 17 Sep 2016

Tantric Sensual massage in Marylebone

We've been enjoying some wonderful late summer days recently, and it is a particular joy walking to the studio through the streets of Marylebone. At times like this, I love what we do at TantraLising and I know how lucky I am to do the work I do, and meet and give pleasure to some lovely clients, new and regular alike. My aspiration is that each client feels a similar sense of anticipation and excitement as he (or she) heads for their appointment with us here. Just as we aim to make sure that, when a client leaves, there is a different but equally positive kind of uplifted spirit from an incredibly enjoyable session of Tantric massage in Marylebone.

Lovely sunny days help the mood, but another important factor is Marylebone itself. When I was looking to establish a studio in London, I visited many areas, but fell in love with this one. It's an expensive area, of course, but the safe, elegant surroundings, the amazing range of people and places here, and something interesting to be seen and found at almost every corner - they all make it worthwhile. I was determined for the TantraLising studio to be one refection of a really premium service, along with our lovely practitioners and the massage options that we provide. But another aspect of that premium service comes from stepping in from (or out into) the surroundings in Marylebone - perhaps it's like stepping into a residential street in Paris or Milan, with all the unspoken history and romance wherever you look. I like to think it's an important element of the fabulous moment of escape and enjoyment for our clients.

If you arrive here by tube you'll first encounter the bustle and chaos of Baker Street to the North or the frantic crowds at Marble Arch: tourists going here, businesspeople going there; people of every age and nationality. But then head towards our studio and the tempo changes. Within minutes, the streets turn leafy and quiet, the pace of life slows and the noisy, high street atmosphere of the north or south meeting points become the small boutiques and brasseries of the less well know streets; homes of rich people; hotels for travelling people; decorators and designers; a florist on one corner, an estate agent on the next. As I walk along, towards another day meeting lovely people, it's like a visual poem, and I love to be part of it.

Come along to TantraLising and I hope you will be part of that poem too.