Tantra And The Thiele Massage

One of my clients, who suffers from interstitial cystitis (apparently it is not only just a female problem as one in five sufferers are male) was telling me that he had been to see a physiotherapists who specialises in pelvic floor disorders. Firstly one needs to check the muscular strength of the pelvic floor and to do this a finger is placed along the perineum with the tip just inside the rectum and then you have to cough so that the therapist can feel the degree of movement on his or her finger.

This reminded me of the cough test that we had to do at school, though mainly for boys, when one had to stand in front of the doctor and drop your pants or knickers and cough so that the doctor could see not only your genitalia development but also pelvic floor and lower abdomen function particularly for hernias in the groin.

So what is a Thiele Massage. It was a form of massage proposed and practised by a German doctor of that name back in the 1930s who advocated massage of the bladder to improve the flexibility of the bladder wall and urinary function. The patient lies full length on his or her back with legs apart and the therapist places one hand on the pubic area and inserts two fingers of the other hand full length either up the rectum or the vagina and then makes a forward come hither movement with repeated deep, firm and long strokes to massage the bladder wall above the pubic bone.

What struck me was the similarity of this massage to the Tantric massage when either the prostate gland or G spot is massaged, albeit with gentler, soft strokes in a circular motion to enhance sexual arousal. So may be next time you have a Tantric massage, not only is it good for your sexual libido, but also perhaps a little therapeutic improvement for bladder function.